Southwest Quesadillas

I have a teenage daughter that is also an athlete. She’s a swimmer. If anyone knows how much swimmers eat, then you know you are always looking for quick healthy choices that will be satisfying. I don’t always have time to prepare a big comfort meal and there are days where we do baked potatoes and broccoli and a protein drink, believe me. But I have found over the years of being a mom to a club swimmer they are looking for something quick that will be filling. I came across this recipe when doing a google search and have adapted it slightly for our family.

If you are looking for a quick hearty lunch idea, or quick weeknight meal, try these! There are so many variations that you will be glad you did!


1 TBSP canola oil

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 small onion diced

1 red bell pepper diced

1 can of black beans rinsed and drained

1 cup of frozen yellow corn

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

salt & pepper to taste

flour tortillas

shredded cheddar cheese


Salsa or Salsa Verde

Sour Cream

Chopped fresh Cilantro

Sliced jalapeno



Start with heating the oil in a  non stick pan. Cook onions and garlic till translucent about two minutes. Add chopped peppers, beans and corn. Add spices. Cook till heated through. Heat griddle. Place tortilla on the griddle, add filling and cheese and fold. Cook until brown and flip to the other side. Serve with salsa or your favorite topping and Enjoy! You can add cooked diced chicken for a variation, or mushrooms. “A quick and healthy option for a hearty lunch”!

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Hello! My name is Lori. Welcome to my blog! I love comfort food! The old fashioned recipes that I grew up with! I love DIY projects! Refinishing something in my house, or finding antiques or something at the thrift shop and turning into something new again. I hope I can inspire you to try a renovation, craft, or recipe in your home.

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